Faculty SAFE UNM began its work in April, 2016 after the release of the Department of Justice report on UNM policies and procedures relative to Title IX.  We are a group of more than 70 faculty committed to addressing UNM’s institutional failure to protect all members of our community and provide equal access to a safe working and educational environment as defined by Title IX and regulated by the DOJ’s Office of Civil Rights.  We work with students, staff, faculty, administrators and community partners to promote shared governance in the development of Title IX policies; prioritize victim-centered reporting procedures of sexual harassment and assault; offer research-based information from faculty specialists on matters related to the development, implementation, and enforcement of Title IX; promote faculty support to students, staff, and faculty who experience sexual harassment and assault; and engage in prevention and awareness initiatives. Through this work, we join UNM’s institutional efforts to make the campus and our community a safer place to work, study, and live.

Leadership Group:
Marsha Baum, School of Law
Stephen Bishop, Africana Studies and Foreign Languages and Literatures
Amy L. Brandzel, Women Studies and American Studies
Ronda Brulotte, Geography and Environmental Studies
Pamela Cheek, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Cameron Crandall, Emergency Medicine
Theresa Cruz, Pediatrics
Kymm Gauderman, History
Bernandine Hernández, English
Tiffany Florvil, History
Jackie Hood, Organizational Studies
Gail Houston, English
Liz Hutchison, History
Kristina Jacobsen, Music
Louise Lamphere, Anthropology
Dominika Laster, Theatre and Dance
Jeremy Lehnen, Spanish and Portuguese
Leila Lehnen, Spanish and Portuguese
Amy Levi, College of Nursing
Greg Martin, English
Jamal Martin, Peace Studies
Ann Murphy, Philosophy
Lynnette Trujillo, Radiologic Sciences