Freyd at UNM

“Campus Sexual Violence: Research and Response”
Faculty Symposium with Keynote Address by

Dr. Jennifer Freyd, Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon
“Addressing Sexual Assault: Moving from Institutional Betrayal to Institutional Courage” (see video here)

Monday, February 6, 2017, 10:00-5:00
SUB Lobo A & B

                Faculty for a Sexual Assault Free Environment at UNM (Faculty SAFE UNM), in cooperation with the Feminist Research Institute and the Office of Equal Opportunity, has invited Dr. Jennifer Freyd to UNM for a keynote lecture and to meet with faculty, administrators, staff, and police engaged with Title IX compliance on the UNM campus.  Dr. Freyd’s invitation has been organized in coordination with the Feminist Research Institute and the Office of Equal Opportunity, as part of SAFE’s efforts to collaborate in strengthening research-based responses to sexual harassment and violence at UNM.  Dr. Freyd’s lecture, “Addressing Sexual Assault: Moving from Institutional Betrayal to Institutional Courage,” will be open to UNM students, faculty, staff and community partners, and Dr. Freyd will hold three additional consultancy sessions to invite conversation among faculty and staff working in three distinct areas of UNM’s ongoing response to sexual harassment and violence: compliance/investigation, response/advocacy, and teaching/learning.  The day’s activities will further catalyze ongoing campus-wide discussions on sexual harassment and assault, enhancing UNM’s ability to increase the safety and accessibility of education and employment at UNM.

Dr.  Jennifer Freyd, a psychology professor at the University of Oregon, is a widely published and nationally-renowned scholar whose work focuses on studies of betrayal trauma and campus sexual violence, as well as minority discrimination, gender and sexual orientation, trauma and disclosures of abuse. (See Dr. Freyd’s CV, and the Freyd Dynamics Lab, for additional information about Dr. Freyd’s work.)  In recent years, as federal attention to campus sexual violence has increased, Dr. Freyd has become a regular featured speaker at conferences and universities in the US and Canada, including the University of Oregon, where she helped craft proposed revisions to that university’s sexual harassment policies.

Dr. Freyd’s visit comes at a particularly important time for UNM, when public and campus attention to sexual harassment and violence is at a peak and the administration prepares to implement the university’s ambitious, three-year agreement with the Department of Justice.

February 6 Schedule:

10:00-10:45          Freyd Consultancy I: Investigation and Compliance

10:45-11:00          Coffee break

11:00-11:45           Freyd Consultancy II: Response and Advocacy

12:00-1:00            Lunch

1:00-2:30              Freyd Consultancy III: Teaching and Learning

2:30-3:00              Coffee break

3:00-4:30              Keynote Lecture: Dr. Freyd, “Addressing Sexual Assault: Moving from
Institutional Betrayal to Institutional Courage”

Abstract: For the past 25 years, Dr. Freyd and her students have investigated the impact of interpersonal trauma, discovering that betrayal is particularly toxic to both physical and mental health. More recently, Freyd and her students have conducted research on the impact institutional response has on individuals within universities, discovering that institutional betrayal can exacerbate the harm of sexual trauma. In this lecture, Dr. Freyd will present these and other findings, with an eye toward steps institutions can take to address campus sexual violence, replacing institutional betrayal with institutional courage. Dr. Freyd has published more than 190 articles and is the author of the award-winning book Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse, as well as Blind to Betrayal, co-authored with Pamela J. Birrell.

Event Co-Sponsors
Office of Equal Opportunity
Health Sciences Center Council, Faculty Senate
Dean of Students
Compliance Office
Office of Equity and Inclusion
Center for Teaching and Learning
School of Public Administration
School of Law
Anderson School  of Business
Honors College
University College
Department of Individual, Family, and Community Education, College of Education
Department of Language and Literacy Studies, College of Education
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